Why do I wake up every morning with horrible stomach aches?

I also missed my period and im usually a pretty heavey girl but ive been thining out pretty fast? why is all this ?

Answer #1

We can’t answer this - any time you have pain, discomfort, or a severe change in weight, you need to see a doctor.

Answer #2

ulcers can be a reason , avoid spicy food , junk food and hot food , take cold food instead drink cold water and refreshment , try to avoid tea and coffee , first of all you better go to a doctor

Answer #3

I get it all the time but now i don’t. i found out that if i eat dinner and go to sleep right away then i have a stomach ache the next morning. I think it’s because the food didn’t digest fast enough.

Answer #4

My magic crystal ball can not reliably detect your illness at this distance. It does show a disturbance in your aura. I’d suggest that you go to a local seer or maybe a… doctor.

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