Feeling Sick In the Mornings... Please Help Me!

I Am Thirteen Years Old, And I Have A Regular Balanced Diet. I Eat Fruit and Veg Every Day, And I Do Excercise Like Walking And Swimming And Quadbiking Every Satarday. Although, Every Morning At About Seven AM, I Wake Up With A Dreadful Stomach Ache As If I Was Going To Be Sick. To Resolve This, I Sit Up For About Ten Minuites Until It Goes Away Slightly. But I Can’t Lie Back Down, Because It Gets Worse. So I Have To Walk Around For A Bit, But As It Wakes Me up Too Early, I Feel Tierd During The Day With Headaches. I Can’t Concentrate At School When I’m Sleepy And I Can’t Keep Using Paracetemol. Drinking Actimel Has Helped The Sickness Fade In The Morning, But It’s Been Like This For Months Now, I’m Getting A Little Worried. I’m Definatley Not Pregnant, And I Don’t Think I’m Lactose Intolerent. I Sing On Stage Often With A Loud Band, Which Raises My Stomach Muscles When I Have To Use More Volume Or Power. Could You Give Any suggestions To What This May Be? Thank you Guys. Much Love Given. Xx

Answer #1

mabie it might be stress or it could be worse

go to the docters about it this could be bad!

Answer #2

It sounds like something I had a while back. Acid reflux - its nasty. I felt like getting sick and that my throath was on fire because of the acid coming back up. It can also make the stomach cramped and sore. Do you eat late at night / smoke / greasy foods? It can only take one small thing to upset your stomach and give you heartburn. Try taking motilium or gaviscon before bed and see if this helps at all. Let me know how you get on. x

Answer #3

I’d see a doctor, just to be safe and to make sure that there’s nothing major wrong.

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