Stomach ache and hurting by the lips before period?

So I’m really concerned. Every morning when I wake up, my stomach hurts really bad and I don’t know whats going on. Plus yesterday if I got in a certain position on the bed I would feel like a knife was driving through the part in between my thigh and my lip Then it would go into my hole thing whatevah its called. Where the babies come from lol. And I think for that, it was just because two day earlier my friend accidentally kicked me there. oops. Any way today I started my period and the stomach aches start at least a week before my period. please help. Whats going on?

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The stomach aches are called “cramps”…most women get them before they start their period.

The pain in the “vagina” (that’s what it’s called) is most likely because your friend kicked you there.

Answer #3

Not necessarily…you may have had some bruising or swelling that was irritated by the onslaught of your period.

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but I dont see how if she kicked me three days ago that yesterday it would hurt. Wouldn’t hurt the day after she kicked me?

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