Why do I have headached, diarriah,neck aches and stomache aches?

Hi im issy and I am 13, I’ve been having bad headaches when I wake up every morning for the past 3/4 days. First I just thought it was over tiredness but the bout an hour ago I started experiencing major diarriah and feeling extremily sick. I hoping somebody might know whats wrong with me, if you do, leave a comment

Answer #1

u were right! thanks for the help guys

Answer #2

You probably have the flu, lay low for a few days, KEEP YOUR FLUIDS UP!!! Drink juice like orange juice and cranberry to boost your immune system, and stay away from people. Get lots of rest, and take some cold medicines, you could have the 24 hour flu in which it will go away soon.

Answer #3

Probably the flu.. go see your doctor.

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