What do I do to make myself pretty?

Iam 13yrs old and I beliveve that I am not preety beacause my whole life I always have ti fight 4 somethin and some boys said that beacuz either they dont like tall or beacuz I have no butt like that. Mi family said iam not but I do. When I see others girls around girls I get mad beacuz I wont what she have becauz I never experince nobody all over me lie that.

Answer #1

If you believe that you are pretty, then other people will start to think that too, if you keep on thinking negatively about yourself, like “oh, I’m so ugly,” and stuff, people will start believing that instead. Which is what you don’t want them to think, which is what they WILL think if you keep on thinking that. Every morning when you wake up, brush your hair, brush your teeth, and get dressed, then, once you aren’t looking like you just got out of bed, face a mirror and say five things you like about yourself, even if you can’t think of them, try your hardest to think positive about yourself, it’ll boost your confidence. Or try saying “I’m smart and beautiful.” To your reflection, and focus on the good parts of you. For example, if you’ve got nice legs, show them off, wear a shorts, fitted jeans, just something that draws attention to your legs, so that people notice them, and they will be less likely to focus strongly on the parts of you that you don’t like. Emphasize the features you like, and then you’ll feel better about yourself too.


Answer #2

find someone that thinks you r pretty

Answer #3

dont work yourself up about this. your still only 13 years old. you still have time to have experience people being all over you. the right person will come along and youll enjoy what you have with them. im sure you are pretty. because your tall is no excuse tall people find someone as well. just give it time. enjoy the time you have. your young live life to the limit. enjoy it. getting mad as these girls wont make things any easier your getting yourself built up for something that will one day happen for you, maybe the time just isnt right yet.

good luck. from naomi.

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