how can I make myself pretty

I am 15 years old and I would like to know hoe can I make myself pretty. all of my friends say that I am pretty but its hard for me to see the other girls in my class that are really pretty and the boys always stair at them. I already wear make-up but it doesnt seem to do anything I am also I little shy so its even harder for me to get noticed. I dont want to do anything to big to make me look different I would just like to know how I can make myself prettier

Answer #1

be confident about yourself, and learn to be outgoing around others (not shy). they probably stair at the other girls because they’ve talked to them more. just be yourself, and try talking to people

Answer #2

Answer #3

I have the same case and I really hate doing make-up ALL the time so what I do is be myself and let my actual identity go around the school. Oh and make sure you be nice to everyone. you are beautiful in the inside always so do what I do? the boys that look at those type of girls probably don’t know that a mirror would break if those girls look into it

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