How can I make my self pretty

Nobody likes me , how can I make my self pretty

Answer #1

if you dont like yourself and dont think your pretty then how can you expect other people to think so?

Answer #2

A really good haircut and style helps hun - but like all the others have said - you should never change for anyone - confidence is the key and like the others said being nice - its always good to be called the nice girl!!! ;o) - if you look after your appearance and just go out your way to make friends (they won’t just fall into your lap) you have to work at friendships to gain trust - to be honest you don’t have to look pretty to get mates - a lot of girls feel threatend by the pretty ones lol… weird world we live in :o)… x.

Answer #3

you shouldnt want to change the way you look becoause other people “dont like you” you should be yourself no matter what anyone else thinks of you, people dont always look the same as they did 3 years ago anyway so dont worry and like questionable1 said personality shapes the look of a person, people will like you for who you are, but if you realy dont like yourself… wich you should, try a bit of make-up

Answer #4

you really shouldnt change yourself to make others like you, but if that is what you honestly want to do then the best thing I can tell you is personality can change how someone looks. if you are mean, you can look ugly. if your really nice it can make you look like such a more pretty person. if you already are really nice, just try to be outgoing. I really think personality shapes the looks of a person. I dont look at people skin deep. I see them for who they are.

Answer #5

I know the same old just be yourself blahblahblah. but just try and be confident. and if you cant fake it. pretend youre confident and it helps a lot.

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