does eyeliner make someone pretty ?

do you think eyeliner make some oner prettier or not ? I want to start wearing it to make myself pretty what do you think ?

Answer #1

eye liner does make your eyes stand out, but to make it look “good” you have to know how to put it on right and don’t load it on.. if you do, it want look good and would make you look fake.. -my opinion.. good luck. :)

Answer #2

well why do you think girls [and some guys] like to wear it? it puts more attention on your eyes, which is very attractive!

Answer #3

speaking from a guy’s point of view, it DOES make a girl more attractive, but not by as much as you think. it just adds more glamor to your eyes, which makes them stand out from your other features. in other words, it makes them brighter.

Answer #4

true–enhances your eyes , make them look better and apparent, works for me !!

Answer #5

no it doesn’t make you prettier, it just enhances your features I.e. your eyes better.

Answer #6

It doesn’t make someone prettier or not - eyeliner just adds effects and brings out the natural beauty in people.

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