Girls, what makes them pretty in your eyes ?

This is like an opinion question: what makes a girl pretty and why? and be for reallz on this question… name them all.. thanks :)

Answer #1

haha shinzo… ooh, im not a midget or short im normal you know but a small waist and all that hhahah and for Bulletformyvalentine… that seems nice!!

Answer #2

Their personality. A girl who asks what shamppo you use and you don’t know her is… no…

Also, I may seem horrible for this but I don’t like big woman too much. I mean if it is very visible then it just can’t work.

Bald is also a turn off. :\

That sums it up.

Answer #3

I love pretty eyes on a girl (:
basically how their different features go together I suppose like hair, eyes, bone structure, skin and best of all their smile xD

Answer #4

everyone seems to be suprised when im nice :P

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