How to convince my parents to let me go to my friend's?

how do I convince my parents to go to my friends house when I have bad grades?

Answer #1

why not invite your friends over and throw them a study .. party .. you’ll really have fun doing it together and you should invent a studying game ..

Answer #2

just dad I want to go really bad and if I don’t I won’t study because I’ll be thinking about it too much! haha I don’t know …

Answer #3

I don’t know??? LoL :)

Answer #4

first say mom dadi have worked very hard in school I always make the honor roll im in honored classes and I always try to please you and do good the best you can do is to let me go to my friends house! I mean I have never been to none of my friends house come onn mom and dad please!!! then start to get on your knees and begg and begg and pretend to cry and cry maybe it will work it worked for me! :)

Answer #5

Umh…you could tell them your going to go there to study or you can just try to keep your grades up.btw how bad are your grades?

Answer #6

I wouldn’t lie to your parents. Maybe its for the best that you stay home and study? Your parents are only looking out for you like a parent should. Grades are much more important, and as you get older you start to realize that more and more. Make them a deal “mom if I stay in and study tonight, can I go out tomorrow night” type thing. Try it.

Answer #7

say that the parent said that can you really come over and she would be sad if you can’t come over.then begg! her to death and say if dad says yes then I can go.(example)mom can I go to my friends house and play with her cause her mom said that she would take perfectly good care of me.Please!!!

Answer #8

tell your mom and/or dad “look I know I havnt exactly gave you reasons to trust me or allow me to go out with my friends but you just have to know that im a good kid and I promise you I wont do anything you wuldnt agree with and I promise im gona try and raise my grades the best I can but its nt guna b easy will you help me” YOU KNOW JUST TELL YOUR PARENTS WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR!!! but really shuld try and raise your grades if you get to far behind it gets really hard to CATCH UP!!!

Answer #9

nothing works my mom is just to strict help me out people.

Answer #10

help around the house for a while and then ask?

Answer #11

say you want to study at that friends house? or…tell them your doing a project with that person.

Answer #12

Fuck your parents

Answer #13

tell them that your going to study or you have a project to do with them

Answer #14

my god she is so strict mother *!!! so just act sad and clean at the same time but dont over do it she might get over with it

Answer #15


Answer #16

Just ask them when they have forgotin’ bought it if it dont work then say ok like a mature person and comeback in 30mins to 1hr30min and ash agian and ifit dont work kepp trying it makeing your self look mature really helps

Answer #17

My mean mom wouldnt let me go and she stills says I cant go, but cry and cry and cry and maybe she will let you

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