How can I convince my mum 2 let me go 2 the beach with friends?

I asked my mum the other day if I could go 2 the beach with some friends that are girls and guys the other day. She said no because she doesnt want me hanging out with this piticular girl becuase she likes can I convince her 2 let me hang out with her?

Answer #1

tell her that shes not going to be there

Answer #2

tell your mum that you don’t really like this girl anyway. and you will be with your other friends and not so much with the girl.

Answer #3

let her know this girl is your friend but your not intrested she part of da crew you should be able to pick your own friends you cant just diss her and have everyone else diss her just because your mom has ill feelings your life you choice her holding you back will make you want it more

Answer #4

just say that you are abstence to sex and you dont like her neyway or say she wont be there?

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