How do I convince my parents to let me go out with my friends?

How do I convince my parents to let me out with my friends to watch a movie? They won’t even let me go out to meet up with my friends. Don’t they trust me? I totally don’t understand. I’m 16! They won’t let me go shopping. I’m constantly at home being scolded to do all the house chores. Sometimes I feel really depressed. I don’t have a boyfriend either. So, basically, I don’t have a social life. What do I do?

Answer #1

prove them wrong. there is no other way around it, find a way to let them know (with actions) that you are responsible and mature enough and they can trust you with this, before you know it they will ask you to call your friends to go somewhere.

Answer #2

Do they give you a reason for not letting you go out?

If they tend to worry, maybe if they meet your friends before you go out, they will feel safer. Or your parents could drop you off at the mall or movie theater. That way, they would know where you were.

Maybe you can work out a deal such as doing X amount of chores will get you Y amount of social time.

Answer #3

Im so annoyed!! its 5:30 pm and she says its to late to go out with my boyfriend…its on a school night. she met him once and she said she liked him! but she wont let me go out!! this is what im thinking of saying…if I check in on where I am and who im with than that will have her in the loop without her actually having to be there. and be home at a certain time or she tont trust me again. lol

Answer #4

You should ask them in a letter and have your friend’s mom talk to your parents

Answer #5

ugh me2! im 11 years old rite and 2daaiii deres a school dance and like sinsce I was about 9 she wud lemme go but now 4 sum effen reason she qont lemme and I hate it because everybodiis talken bout that shit

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