Parenting Plans: SplitSmart is a tool to help couples with assets and or children to efficiently organize themselves so they can reach equitable and family friendly agreements quickly and with minimal expense and conflict.

About SplitSmart

Who we are

At SplitSmart, we are a divorce organization tool that is dedicated to helping couples navigate the difficult process of divorce in a healthy and cost-effective way. Our goal is to empower all couples, whether they are amicable or hostile, with a superior organizational tool that can help them achieve a low-cost divorce. We believe in simplifying the divorce process and making it as easy and quick as possible for our clients.

What we Do

SplitSmart provides a three-step process for a simple divorce. The first step is to choose the right mindset, which involves approaching the divorce with a positive and cooperative attitude. The second step is to get organized and negotiate, where our tool helps you streamline the process of organizing your assets, debts, and other important information. The final step is to reach amicable agreements, where our tool guides you through creating uncontested divorce agreements that are fair and equitable for both parties.

Our tool is designed to make the divorce process simple and stress-free. We believe that by being organized and transparent, couples can avoid unnecessary conflicts and reach fair agreements that benefit everyone involved. With SplitSmart, you can ensure that your divorce is handled efficiently, transparently, and fairly.

Why you should use us

You might be wondering why you should choose SplitSmart for your divorce organization needs. The truth is, divorce can be a complex and emotional process, and having the right tools and support can make all the difference. Everyone is at risk of making mistakes or being influenced by emotions during a divorce, which can lead to costly and contentious legal battles.

SplitSmart was designed to help you avoid these pitfalls and navigate the divorce process with clarity and confidence. Our tool ensures transparency in all aspects of your divorce, from organizing parenting plans to dividing marital assets. By using SplitSmart, you can avoid the games that bad actors often play during a divorce and ensure that your negotiations are efficient, transparent, and fair for both parties.

Whether you have children that need both parents involved or a marital estate that needs to be divided, organization is key. SplitSmart’s streamlined approach to organization can help you reach agreements that benefit everyone involved and set the stage for a more peaceful co-parenting future.

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