How can i convince my parents to let me go to London?

next year i’m going on a class trip to London but my mother thinks so negatively about it. She complains about the price(250€ which isn’t outrageous) and the fact that me and 2 friends will have to stay with an accomodation family.The only thing she’ll listen too is that i’m british but have never been to London but she answers back “well we’re going to go some time” she has been saying that for years.Anyway how can i convince her to let me go

Answer #1

if she thinks its costly, you cant really go unless you earn the money yourself. about the accommodation thing though, you could prolly ask your professor to give you profiles of the families who do this so your mom wont get worried or something.

Answer #2

Thanks alot:)

Answer #3

sure :)

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