is it usal for kids to get upset alot?

Answer #1

Well wat are you upset about…it all depends

Answer #2

well basically i worry alot about stuff i hear on de newss and tht :( and thankss for helpin ;)

Answer #3

not at all. Being worried about stuff you hear on the news just means you’re a good person

Answer #4

thankss u really helped xx

Answer #5

How often is a lot? Everyone gets upset sometimes and yes, kids and teens do more often because they feel they have no control over what is making them upset. Giving kids choices over their everyday things in life gives them more of a sense of control. Teach them to figure out what is upsetting them and show them ways to cope or ways to change the situation. The question is a bit to general to pin point a proper solution. Good luck, Sue

Answer #6

Yes. Kids usually want things their way or the highway. If they don’t get something they want they will nag about it all day!!! That’s right… all day! And if you’re a parent, i know it isn’t hard, but YOU MUST HAVE PATIENCE!!! Kids must understand that it’s not always their way, and they have to do what you (parent) say.

Usually kids don’t understand the meaning of no, so be as clear and firm about it.

Answer #7

just to add on, don’t continually punish kids because soon they grow used to it and don’t care. Or, they act up even more.

Answer #8

Yeah of course they are kids :)

Answer #9

yeah sometimes…

Answer #10

what the reason that kids get upset… i can not understand what u wanna to ask

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