how do i get the kids i babysit to take me seriously?

i babysit a 4 year old girl and a 2 year old boy, and I’m always really nice and kind of a pushover (like, ill let them sleep a little past their bed time). but when I tell them to do something (like brush their teeth or eat their dinner or something) they’ll laugh and not do it… idk, they just don’t listen! i guess, how do i be the “fun babysitter” but also have their respect?

Answer #1

You can reward them. With small things, tell them if they do this, they will get this. For example, tell them that if they go brush their teeth the moment you say it, they can stay up for five more minutes past bed time. If they like bed time stories you can tell them that if they go and do whatt you have told them to do, you will read them an extra one, stuff like that they really enjoy.

Answer #2

Your being too much of a pushover. Don’t like, spazz out at them, say it kindly, a few minunits before, like : ‘In a couple minunits you need to go brush your teeth, ok?” When you need them to auctally go do it, ask them kindly first, if they don’t listen, say it a bit firmer, something like “You have to go brush your teeth.” as a last resort, try “I’m sorry _ but you need to go brush your teeth right now. Tell them if they do, You’ll let them stay up a little later, let them watch tv for a extra 5 or 10 mins, or let them play another little computer game. Like said above, just small things. Find out what they like. Do the kids like stickers? The kids I babysit all love silly bandz. I buy alot of them, and bring some in my pocket or bag when I babysit them. say if they clean their room, or get ready for bed when I ask, they get 2 sillybandz. Also , to still be the ‘fun babysitter’ do things throughtout the day/night that makes them happy. Build forts, play hide and seek, help them with computer games, or make them their favorite snack. The kids will remember these things, and possibly tell them to their parents. When they are misbehaving, like not brushing their teeth you can also point out these things, by saying like ‘If you don’t brush your teeth, we won’t be able to make more blaket forts’ or ‘if you brush your teeth, next time I babysit you guys I’ll ask if you can sleep in a fort, or stay up later’

Hope I helped :)

Answer #3

Rewards are dangerous. You have to treat them like human beings, not little kids. The way people act towards little kids is somewhat demeaning. I always felt like that when I was a kid. So act like one of their peers but still be the authority.

Answer #4

They need to like you too, play games with them have fun don’t always be serious but be strict sometimes because if not they’ll just mess with you forever :)

Answer #5

I’m sorry but this exactly what I’m talking about when I mean demeaning. I’m imagining the tone of voice towards little kids with these words. All I have to say is nails on chalk board. But hey it’s the asker’s decision in the end =)

Answer #6

You know what you could do is be one of those cliche ghetto “I don’t take no sh!t from you” chicks. Everybody loves those people cause they’re fun but they respect ‘em too. Give the kids a taste of R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Answer #7

just make the boaring things fun some how then they will respect u if u make it fun

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