How do I get my kid to not cry when he goes to preschool?

Hi my kid is two and half years he was at home still now he goes to pre-school 9t o12. He knows he has to go and not to cry but still cries and i don’t know what to do. He listens to us but still do crying he wants to enjoy there but i don’t know how to tell him. Is there any way to help him when he cries? I feel so bad that I can’t help

Answer #1

It’s natural for almost every child to cry the first few weeks. Before bed, talk to your child about it, tell him how much fun he will have making friends and playing all the time. When you drop him of make sure you tell him you will be back as soon as it is time and keep your promise don’t be late even for a second. “Reward” him with a little something for being such a big boy about it and make sure praise his efforts when he gets home. It is one of the hardest things to do as a parent, pat yourself on the back for being so concerned. I hope it all goes well for you.

Answer #2

Don’t stretch out dropping off your child. Even if they are crying give them a hug and kiss then tell them you have to go. The longer you stay the more it prolongs the agony.

My daughter got used to going to pre-school in a few weeks. The first few times she cried like someone was killing her when we dropped her off but in a few weeks she got so eager to go that she wanted to run off as soon as we got there.

Answer #3

Our children were both upset when they first started going, however, after 1-2 weeks they were used to us leaving them at preschool and in fact quite happy to be there to socialize with other children, participate in arts & crafts, and learn things from highly educated child care experts.

I wouldn’t worry too much, if he’s (or she) isn’t used to it after a few weeks, then you might consider hanging out for a few minutes after drop off so they get acclimated, etc. Good luck.

Answer #4

You should do whatever you have to do to be a stay at home mom.


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