How do kids get a book published?

I’m an ilistraiter for my friend and she’s writing a book and lots of people who know her want to read it because they know she is a good writer but we dont know how to get it published. How do kids get a book published?

Answer #1

there’s many ways,

  1. go talk to people in relations of the editor/publishers directly via email or phone or meeting but you will require to have their contact information already.

  2. go to a publisher event, where author try to sell their books. they have those once in awhile. Or even book release events, to meet the publishers.

Answer #2

well let me just say now that it’s not impossible so dont give up trying. my friend is a great writer and has been working on stories a lot but she doesnt publish them. I encourage her too, but she wont. she said if she wanted to she would never give up hope and make sure that her stories got published. so I just wanna say that the internet would be a good place to start, but to be safe, it’s better to look around your community. hope this helped! :)

Answer #3

taterbug you sound like my grandmothers nickname lol!

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