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My 14 year old daughter is a great kid. Very respectful straight a student and very kind. But she starting to really like boys. What should I do? I don’t want to cage her in but I also dont want her to lose focus on what important. We have a good relationship so I told her that I trust her and she can have a close friend which is a boy name vance and now she’s like so happy. They talk on the phone all the time and last night I was ease droping on the phone and I heard him tell her that he loves her . This drove me crazy ,I know I was wrong for listening but what am I suppose to do.

Answer #1

You have to remember when you were fourteen, starting to like boys is exciting and the average first love often takes place around that age. Because you say you have a good relationship with her I wouldn’t worry so much. But remember to be open to her questions about love and sex , so she can learn how to protect her heart and her body and maybe even try to talk to her about this stuff…Also everything is about balance so as long as she is balancing her social life and school she can do both. Also it is very important to know that forbidding a teenager to do something often makes then want to do it more.

Answer #2

Good tip is to always be friendly towards whoever she dates, that way she won’t feel like she can’t tell you things. And don’t listen to her conversations, cause if she ever finds out she will probably not trust you again.

Answer #3

See what happens, just make sure she knows she can talk to you. Maybe try to find out abit about the boy she likes?

Answer #4

Just talk to her about sex and love if you have a good relationship (it sounds like you do) then she will listen and take it to heart. It might be embarrassing but talking is the best thing I can think of for you to do. I hope this helps

Answer #5

Do you trust your daughter? If you do, let her of the lech for a while let her be herself then let her do the right thing and do her school stuff but you have tp trust her!!!

Answer #6

she will do whats right for her

Answer #7

well my mom is still like that with me and im 17 but the one thing you must not do is stop her from seeing boys that will only push her to do it behind your back let her be… beleave me im getting ready to move out soon and im only 17 and it all because my mom wouldnt leave me be with the boy I loved just be carefull with her you will find that she will be more open with you about stuff if you dont cage her xxx

Answer #8

Yes I also agree with Ninabeana You cant stop what shes feeling so just teach her the right and wrong things. Keep that open relationship with her and if by any chance you dont want her to end up pregnant do the right thing yourself and get her on birth control but still teach her the saftey of condoms. You really dont want her to do things like that but sumtimes you cant control that sort of situation.

Answer #9

Well. I’m just a kid, and my mom was the same way when that happened.. She was all concerned, but it made me a happier kid, so in turn it made her happy.

I say, if she’s happy and she remain a good, responsible, respectful kid, let her do it on her own. If she needs help with anything, she will go to you.

Answer #10

let them be! im 13 and I have a boyfriend. there is nothin wrong with that. if shes a resonsible as you say then leave her be. you should be able to trust her to make good desisions in life.

Answer #11

YeW HvE 2oo AcCePt tHe fAcT your “WoNdErFuL” DaUGhTeR Is gRoWiNg uP, & NeeDs 2oo Be LeT OuT InTo ThE WoRld oNcE In a wHiLe, GiVe hEr a cHaNcE W/ThE BoY, GeT 2oo KnOe hYm fIRsT before you ReGrEt anyThInG eLsE! :(

Answer #12

Let’s see… nothing? Just let them be, maybe? I’m sure you’ll just make your daughter angry if you try to somehow get in the way, so to say. But, well, it’s up to you, realy.

PS: Why are you using caps?

Answer #13

why are you easedropping leave your kid ALONE we like it. I get you prob have a good relationship but leave her alone you cant control what she does so just let her be by herself on this.

Answer #14

if you try to stop her from having a boyfriend, shes just going to go behind your back and do things she knows she isnt allowed to do, so just sit and talk with her about having a boyfriend, and let him come over and meet him.. let them hang out.. otherwise she will just go behind your back, and you will have no idea whats going on..

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