Is the USA the only place where marijuana is illegal?

I know in a couple of states it’s legal. I just want to know, is it legal everywhere else? Other countries, states, regions, etc…

Answer #1

no, its illegal in lots of other countries

Answer #2

It’s illegal in Australia.

Answer #3

though i still dont know why

Answer #4

I made a small list of the countries that ban cannabis. They are as follows:

Australia parts of Bangladesh Belgium Canada England parts of India Indonesia Italy Japan New Zealand Norway parts of Pakistan Philippines Poland Romania Russia parts of Saudi Arabia South Africa Sweden Switzerland Thailand United Arab Emirates

Fell free to add more to the list.

Answer #5

Feel* Typos. Also the U.S. is included there too.

Answer #6

Weed is illegal in Australia….If catch using or in possession of green mitsubishi by the cops, instant fine and depends on the quantity, ja-il term.

Answer #7

well, I think its ment to be illegal where I live in Australia, but police dont really care if they see anyone smokin it, as long as you dont grow it… but people do anyway… x

Answer #8

Police in other countries tend to ignore the people who smoke it. In Pakistan, many police are bribed with money to turn the other cheek and pretend like it’s not there.

Answer #9

i believe the states your thinking of require doctor’s perscribed use only…….

Answer #10

its actually banned throughout the whole of the united kingdom, not just england.

Answer #11

It’s illegal in Many countries. My country (South Africa) also forbids it.

Answer #12

Its illegal in most parts in the USA, but if you have a medical reason with a doctor’s consent, it’s legal in a lot of places also. Colorado is one state that, last I heard, was trying to make marijuana legal. Up in Canada (again last I heard) there are places you can go to publicly smoke marijuana and buy it out of vending machines.

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