Marijuana is illegal?

Do you think Marijuana should be legal? I certainly do considering all the hard and proven facts. Shame the facts aren’t majorly public due to government standards.

Answer #1

I think almost all recreational drugs should be decriminalized. Criminalization has not solved the drug problem, but instead, has created a global network of organized crime and wealthy terrorists, who are a worlwide political force. The only way to break that is to legalize drugs, but regulate them tightly and greatly boost awareness programs.

Answer #2

dont. wed have even more poor people who spend all their money on weed. and then theyd go on welfare or unemployment and guess who would pay for it? our tax money. and why would we want more deadbeats!?!?

Answer #3

Totally. Would save us a sh!tload of trouble. Less people in jail. I agree with the above 100%

Answer #4

I know this. ( Finally a believer. XD ) I want to see what others think, though.

Answer #5

seeing as how marijuana has been used dating back to the first chinease dynasty, of course it should be legal, most say its illegal because they cant tax it, but thats a load of rubbish, they wont legalize it because marijuana creates free and radical minds which is very threatening to a government that wishes to control its public, Just think about it.

Answer #6

yes, legalize it.

Answer #7

no its a drug it has side effects just because it omes from a plant doesnt make it safe berries come from plants, and some of them will kill you and there are many things from the olden days that have now been proved are eeither damaging to your health, or illegal substances, ect for example cocain was a main ingrediant in coca cola untill about 1901 you wouldnt want kids drinking it nowdays if it wasnt changed and medicine fromt the early days well theres no reason to explain all the crap they put in a bottle and called it a cure including things like mercury because now we know they didnt work

Answer #8

fcuk all those who think it should be illegal it cures so much stuff and its just strait funn

Answer #9

First off, just to settle this, You are thinking of a more addicting drug, Meggie. Studies have shown it has not been that addictive at all. I have even done my own test. As for Jaz, You make it sound like weed is dangerous when modern day science has proven that as false. You use a rumor for an example, too. Coka Cola did not use coke at all, it was a rumor created by the name of the drink.

As for your other idea on the old-age medicine, they also thought disease was from “ Bad blood “ so they would drain you of blood. :\

Now, in a more modern and scientific time, we actually do research instead of ideas. Furthermore, everthing has a side effect but that doesn’t make it dangerous. Fatty foods make you fat if you eat too much, but it doesn’t kill you. That is unless you eat a lot causing you to die but taking too much of ANYTHING can kill you. Too much water floods your lungs. Salt is poisonous if too much is consumed.

Again, your ideas are proving from the “ olden days “ when we are talking of the Modern-den days.

However, I think having drugs being made is horrible, drugs that can kill more than ohers that is. I Think that instead of having a war with Marijuana, have a war with other drugs that are actually harmful like Coccain.

Do you know how much money was spent on the fight against Marijuana? 48 billiob dollars…think how much we could have done with that? But no, we spent all that money on a crappy dream to fight against marijuana.

Why? Because a man thought it was bad when the Mexicans brought it in so he foguth against it. Making ideas like “ it will turn you crazy. “ Later, he said it would get you addicted to heroin. Ect… When research was being done to see if it should be illegal, they shut it down!!! That is how ignorant the man was. ( Ignoorant and Arrogant. )

Answer #10

Marijuana should definitely be legalized. Just like you, I know (if not all) most of the facts about Marijuana. However, I will not write it here because I am tired. (lol)

I wish every living being in this world could try it at least once and do some research. It’s annoying to be told Marijuana is stupid (provided the facts) when they don’t understand it. At least everyone would understand it a bit more if they tried it at least once in their life.

Answer #11

As my man here says it’s obvious the illegal status has remained because if politics and mainly lobbying by the tobacco and alcohol industries who’d see their business if killing people and making them addicts go to hell and replaced by a non addicting plant that brings only happiness and joy …. As always hipocritical u.s government looking after our well being …. Better shown by the indiscriminate sale of automatic weapons , artery clogging junk food and subsidised tobacco to give us a black lung or two… Thank you uncle Sam ,.. I see my well being and health are a top priority to you.

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