Is it illegal to learn to drive in a vacant lot before you have your permit?

I am 15 and I will be sixteen in like 5 months. I was wondering, is it illegal for your parents to take you to an abandoned place and teach you how to drive as long as it isnt on a main road in pennsylvania? I would like to do this but not if it is illegal because I dont want to get into trouble.

Answer #1

no its not illegal in any of the 50 states bcause as long as its private property they can not go on there without getting a complaint of some kind

Answer #2

If it’s not your property then yes it’s illegal. If your on someone else’s property then it’s trespassing. But in Pa you cannot drive without a learner’s permit, unless you’re on your own property. But even then if you would somehow get into an accident your parents insurance wouldn’t cover the damage.

Answer #3

noo its definatly not!!!

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