Why Is Marijuana Illegal ?

Why Is Marijuana Illegal ? Its Never Harmed Anyone . Its Never Killed Anyone . Alcohol And Cigarettes Are Perfectly Legal . But Why Not Weed ?

Answer #1

Marijuana promotes brain cell growth

Now that one I’ll have wait a while on…They don’t drive better, they generally don’t do as well in school, and I never felt very smart when I was stoned. Couldn’t even remember what I was talking about (and it seemed most of my cohorts had the same problem).

It’s illegal because it’s a drug…lots of drugs are illegal to buy on the street.


Answer #2

Thank you,

you might be interested in reading the last part of this article…(the one you referred me too) It is not yet conclusive therefore that marijuana ONLY has health benefits


oh and read this one too…relates to the same article http://news.healingwell.com/index.php?p=news1&id=528519

Basically the experiment was performed on RATS, using synthetic marijuana and THEREFORE the evidence is not conclusive, claiming that it definitely promotes brain cell growth means that you didn’t read those articles properly.

I quote, out of what the doctor said:

“this treatment is not the same as smoking marijuana. Whether smoking marijuana can produce the same effect, we just don’t know.”

I don’t care if it’s made legal, just don’t see the point in going through all the effort. I won’t smoke it even if it was. Smoking, I don’t care what anyone says, cannot be good for your lungs, not even smoking marijuana.

Answer #3

Marijuana is illegal because the timberers lobbyed to have it become illegal because hemp can be used to make paper and all the other things paper makes…therefore running them out of buisness. Marijuana seriously doesn’t hurt anybody, inface alcohol kills more people then marijuana ever has…and you CAN’T OD on it…

Answer #4

Stop with the hyperbole. At least I hope it is hyperbole. It is not a little pot issue. It is a huge cost issue. The amount of money this country spends on enforcement and punishment for drug posession is ludicrous. Especially when the drug they are prohibitting is much less harmful than some legal ones.

Answer #5

They don’t drive better, they generally don’t do as well in school, and I never felt very smart when I was stoned.

Occasional or moderate use can and does spur creativity. It can also spur stupidity too.

Either way it is far less harmful then alcohol and tabacco. It should be legal.

Answer #6

Marijuana is illegal, because if it was legal, people would use it, and I heard about this guy that used it illegally and died from DUI, and so it should be illegal, because otherwise people would die from DUI.

Answer #7

government cant tax it and it does harm you cause it kills your brain cells which never grow back, and it makes you make bad decisions, and if everyone was walking around high, I dont think any work would get done lol

Answer #8

A big reason is because its a “gateway drug” . Sometimes once peoplle experiment with it, they’ll end up moving to something heavier for a better high. Personally I dont think it should be illegal. It causes less harm than alcohol…

Answer #9

Yes it is illegal I’m not positive why its illegal and it can harm people if they are very stupid with the stuff…my brother smoked wayyy tooo much before and was in the hospital for it. It can also lead to lung cancer.

Answer #10

Marijuana promotes brain cell growth as proved by and international team of researchers lead by Dr. Xia Zhang. You can find the article on healingwell.com or anywhere on google if you search ‘marijuana promotes brain cell growth’.

There you go ifeelcrazy123

Answer #11

There are probably more important things then the legalization of Weed, going on in this world, but you just keep on pressing your state senators about your widdle pot issue and I am sure some day you will be able to smoke your widdle bong all day long! maybe you can smoke a joint while you drive, or how bout get stoned with toddlers running around the house, maybe they can get a little contact high - woohoo! I think you are going to smoke yourself right into the Whitehouse someday. :)

Answer #12

That is what I’m saying . However, Medical Weed is legal . So why not just legalize everything . & like you said it has never harmed anyone .!

Answer #13

actually w a t 3 r, marijuana has been proven to make brain cells live longer.

And as for the whole ‘gateway drug’ thing, so is underage drinking as so is smoking cigarettes. The whole thing is dumb, I think it’ll be legal within the next 10 years, Mexico just made it legal to have up to 5 grams on you without penalty.

Answer #14

drug trafficking is how terrorists get their money

Answer #15

marijuana has been proven to make brain cells live longer.

Where and who proved it? Quote your sources.

Answer #16

it should be illegal forever… hope it does

Answer #17

Cause the governments acting fools…It’ll become legal sooner or later…the soone the better!;)

Answer #18

Okay I no longer smoke it but at one time I did so I have first hand experiences with it. During my period of use I went from extremely heavy use to moderate to light use then I stopped. I have had no harmful side effects from it other then the munchies or being lazy. I’ve done massive amounts of research hearing arguments from both sides (good and bad) but from what I’ve found its mostly illegal because major corporations would lose money due to the fact that it has so many uses. A big loser of money would be the pharmaceutical company’s. Smoking marijuana does help with depression, lack of apatite, headaches, muscle pain, joint pain, insomnia, and has been proven to help (in low doses) with add/adhd also has been proven to help cataracts and people with MS. so all in all I think it should be made legal but highly doubt it ever will due to that reason and that alone.

Answer #19

Its all a big cover up Marijuana is a better a fabric then cotton but the big cotton companies dont want you to know that so they made it illegal, its actually not as bad as they say it is, besides alcohol and tobacco have caused way more injuries/deaths then marijuana ever will.

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