Is the Universe expanding or shrinking?

Answer #1

from what i’ve heard its shrinking slowly

Answer #2

I do not know, the big bang theory says it all blew out and then will slowly retract. I do not have a clue if we are still expanding or if we now are contracting. I really don’t believe in the big bang theory.

Answer #3

I think it is expanding…from what I have heard, but I’m not really sure. :/

Answer #4

Well the world is ending in 2012, so I guess it does not matter.

Answer #5

expanding learnt it in science today :)

Answer #6

haha not ending… just being reborn, watch the movie Zietgiest. it will explain more about the 2012 theory.. most people misinterpret what the myans thought

Answer #7

i dont think the world is gonna end people just think that because of a calender ending which is a bit silly because our calenders normally end on the 30th december its like sayin the world is gonna end then lol

Answer #8

Ever notice how when a train is approaching its sound is a higher pitch than when it passes you? This is called the doppler effect. The same thing happens to light; if an object is moving away from us its wavelength increases (red shift) or if it is moving toward us its wavelength decreases (blue shift). Looking at the spectral lines of a galaxy we can determine if it is moving away or toward us and how quickly. We still see galaxies moving away from us and the more distant the galaxy the more quickly it is moving away from us indicating that our universe is still expanding.

There are a lot of people wondering if the universe will ever contract again. Currently scientists do not believe there is enough matter in the universe to contract again; they expect it to continue expanding forever until it becomes too cold and dark to support any sort of life. Of course if our universe finds some matter along the way our situation could change.

Answer #9

calenders end on the 31st of december not the 30th lol

Answer #10

They said the world was going to end in 2000 as well, but did it? No.

Answer #11

You explain that really well - I am terrible at physics!

Answer #12

Yeah, what Carl Sagan said.

Answer #13

the reason why they said that the would may end was because they ‘thought’ technology would end… they thought that being the new millennium, the computers dates wouldnt change correctly and all of the computers would shut down out of confusion.. so not the end…

Answer #14


“”And the heaven We constructed with strength, and indeed We are expanding it.”” Quran [51:47] some translated also as: “”We are [its] expander.”” BEFORE any scientist could ever know…… muslims knew it MORE THAN 1400 years ago..again.. 1 more miracle.. haah but they had no telescope satellites!! xD> no human could have this info, so this was told by a one who knows, This one is Allah the creator of the universe, he told that, he knows it…

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