How would you go about getting your tubes UNtied and about how much would it be?

Answer #1

The three main procedures that can be done to untie tubes after the tubes have been tied are…

-Tubal anastomosis -Tubal implantation -Salpingostomy (Fimbriectomy Reversal)

It’s not cheap. The price is between $10,000 and $30,000.

Answer #2

LMAO…HA HA HA Guess I’ll stick with the son I have a forget the rest then.

Answer #3

Do you not have any type of insurance that may help with the cost?

Answer #4

i dont know how much it would cost , but my mom got her tubes untied and it did NOT cost THAAAAAT much , lol .

Answer #5

No, although the insurance I had when I had my son paid for me to get it done they wnat pay to get it undone, They say I have ot pay for it or find another insurance company, but then I would still have to pay so much to get it done. Maybe I could start saving now and by the time I’m to old to have kids i’ll have enough money to do it. All I can say is I wish I wouldn’t have done it after just one child.

Answer #6

maybe you could find out for me where she went or about how much it was.

Answer #7

i will try . [: when she gets home .

Answer #8

Here, it runs about $5,000

Answer #9

I’m so sorry. That sounds like a really tough situation to be in. Maybe you’ll figure out something…maybe find some sort of insurance or help to pay for it. Prices are different in different places, so…ask your local doctor how much it would cost. It may not be as much.

Answer #10

where is here?

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