How should I go about getting rid of the evil monkey in my closet?

For weeks now, I’ve felt an evil presence in my room. At first, I didn’t quite know what it was. But then, i would find droppings on my carpet and the big bowl of bananas I usually keep under my bed went missing! I hear evil laughs all the time, and it’s not a human laugh! The other night, the evil monkey used my toothbrush and now I can’t even brush my teeth. This situation is getting out of control and I for one am FED UP. what should I do? And yes I wrote this as joke to distract everyone from the spammer<3 I love you all:)

Answer #1

Thank you Nikki. You could keep asking the evil monkey. “HELLO, How are you today?” over and over again, until he flees your closet, screaming in agony.

Answer #2

I’ll try. Honestly, this whole thing has been stressing me out so much :’(

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