would it be slefish of me to take 1 year out of giving blood to get a tatoo and another percing??

i have a more rare blood type and i get phone calls etc asking me to go give blood, if i got a tatoo or a percing it would mean that i would ahve to give up donating for one year?

Answer #1

It’s your life and your blood and you’re entitled to do what you want with it. You are allowed to live your own life without feeling like you owe the world.

Answer #2

No, it’s your life and your blood. You don’t have to give blood at all if you don’t want to.

Answer #3

What’s your blood type? If you don’t mind me asking :)

Answer #4

-b v v v rare 2% of people in scotland have it

Answer #5

Its true it is your life, But remember if you get a tatoo it lasts forever, If you give blood it could save lives

Answer #6

Wow, i’ve never even heard of it. Oh and I think you should do whatever you want to do, it’s your blood. And sorry if this sounds dumb but how would a tattoo or piercing effect your blood?

Answer #7

because both enter your skin you might accidentaly recieve an infection same with an operation so you wait for a year in case of infection

Answer #8

Oh ok

Answer #9

i think you should take a year off fo sure, its amazing that you are giving blood! most ppl dont that have blood types that are really needed. my prob is i like tattoos way to much and have 6 already so havnt been able to give blood for a while.. i think here you have to wait 2 years for a tat and 6 months for piercing. tattoos are awesome treat yourself, its a gift to yourself for years of helping others :)

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