How much trouble am I going to get in?

I had a pair of brass knuckles,from forever ago. I had actually totally forgotten about them.anyway, my little brother deicded he was going to steal them, and threaten some kid at shcool with them today.he got suspended, and the kid’s mother called the police. Brass knuckles are illegal here in massachusetts, so im just wondering how much trouble im going to get in, if any? I didnt do anything today at all, it was completely my brother. But im just worried im going to get in trouble for the posession of them, even though I never used them, and had actually forgotten about them.

Answer #1

I think if anything, they’ll take them from you and remind you that they’re illegal and not to get anymore. I don’t think you’ll get in trouble. Nothing bad happened.

Answer #2

actually, hes only 6. and he ratted me out already. the police will probably ask about them. neither of us have police records, no.

Answer #3

Josh. The thing is there is nothing linking the knuckles to her.. So the “gun” In my example would only have the brothers fingerprints, No license to her or sale of buying from her etc etc.. Aka the brother has posession and only his prints on it. :”P

Answer #4

Even if he says its hers.. Thats like saying “Hey guys this pistol I shot this kid with isnt mine its my sisters but I just took it from her and shot someone its her fault” Yeahhh Who belives that? >.>

Answer #5

Yeah I completely agree with emeruby 100%

You hsouldn’t get in trouble for that, because you when’t making the threats =)

Answer #6

well I agree with emeruby but he miiight rat you out :/ he’ll probably blame it all on you … you know how little bros can be :o

Answer #7

Probabley none.. He was the one in possession of them, And he was the one making a threat. Therefore the whole blame will for on him and maybe your parent(s) for letting a kid get ahold of them.

Answer #8

Josh. I own two guns myself So I know all about them.. But since guns were not my best example… Lets just drop it. Anyways… If they dont ask dont tell. If they ask then… I suppose the best thing to do would be to say you never had them.. Or maybe say they were a present from a family member that passed away? And you kept them in memory of them? I dunno… But just incase think of a cover story.

Answer #9

It will be worse if ether her or her brother has a record with the police.

Answer #10

Do ether of you have a police record?

Answer #11

he will probably get summary probation for 1 year…for possession of a deadly weapon

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