How much a therapist would cost me?

So I’ve been having issues lately, I mean I’ve always had them but im under a lot of stress and everything is just going down hill, and I hate how everyones happy and christmas is comeing and YAY! no I want to like hind under a rock and never come out. so I was wondering how much a therapist would cost me. Im 15 and I really dont want my parents to know about this. Im getting a job so money should be too much of an issues sorry its so long I had to vent a little. but thanks for caring enough to read it..

Answer #1

Depends where you live but there should be some sort of family social services that is either free or geared to income. might even be worth while speaking to your counselor at school to find out what they can do for you if not recommend where to go next. good luck, things will get better.

Answer #2

A counselor/therapist is most likely going to want parental consent. I dont know what the laws are where you live, but in Florida we cant see clients under the age of 18 without parental consent (except in emergencies or if they have a substance abuse problem). Honestly, you may be able to find a counselor (well one in training at least) for almost nothing. Licensed counselors/therapists will cost about $80-$150 per session, but if you look at community services and training clinics, you may be able to find someone for as little as $5 or $10. The problem is, at your age, I dont know if you can actually get therapy without parental consent. I mean the obvious exception is to talk to a school counselor…

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