I think she is going to get her friends to beat me up

ok tonight I was going into the grocery store and this gir asked me for a dollar I told her I didnt have one and now I think she is going to get her friends to beat me up do you think she would over that

                                   I know it sounds stupid but I need someone to assure me
Answer #1

I dont think so unless she is a total psycho if your at home then your probably safe and if you dont know her then there is probably nothing to worry about :]

Answer #2

I doubt it did she say she was going to beat you up? she probably just needed some money and decided to ask some people ususally when they say no, they just keep asking other people and move on if she sounded mean and suggested that shell beat you up, tell an adault and dont hang around were she hangs around

Answer #3

umm was she like somkind of bullie? I dont think people get that mad over a “dollar” its ok?

Answer #4

no I didnt really have a dollar on me

Answer #5

I dunno I dont think she would…and did you realy not have a dolar on you ? … justwondering… anyways I hope she doesnt..

Answer #6

I doubt it and if she did wow GAY

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