why don't I like my accent (english)?

its a weird question because it said I had to begin with who what where etc.

does anyone from anywhere but england think english accents are nice? I sound alrite to myself and people say my voice is cute haha , but say if I hear it on a recording or video I sound like I’v just got p*ssed :L

im a girl btw :) does this happen to anyone else? :\

Answer #1

Well I LOVEE Accents . I Dont Care What Kind. On A Guy Or A Girl (: Your Just Used To It (;

Answer #2

I think the reason you dont like your accent is because your to used to it. And it now to you seems tired and worn out. alough I find english accents adorable. it may just be because your too used to it and you want a change

Answer #3

I just think it’s better if you have the same accent as those around you so that you fit in better instead of ending up as an outcast. A sad thing but true in many places, especially anywhere outside big cities like New York or London, where there aren’t many foreigners.

If you are living in Britain (which I think you are) I think a British accent would be fine…if you were living in Alabama however it might be better to try to learn a Southern accent.

Answer #4

My best friend Lizz is from England as well, her accent is lovely. I’m pretty sure you’re accent isn’t bad at all. Don’t think that way.


Answer #5

I like English accents, where are you from exactly?

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