English accent?

Why am I so interested in the way english accents are?I constantly find myself talking like them for no apparent reason and I don’t know but I find myself saying OY! a lot,why is that?

Answer #1

Sorry but I’m in no hurry to grow up yet,gotta cherish child/teenhood. I’m almost 17 and I’m still gonna be the way I am =P

Answer #2

exactly!! don’t tell people to grow up when we have limited childhoods. if you don’t want to stay little then that’s your opinion, but I don’t want to grow up yet. :) kids are more fun!

Answer #3

I have an interest in japanese accents. like I love how they speak ENGRISH!! >.< I want to talk like them!!!:)it’s cute and adorable!! my sis has a thing with the british accents. I guess we’re all just wierd like that ^_^

Answer #4

Well I think your about the same age I was when I would do that speak in a peekish accent (like Harry Potter) and I would talk to myself, and I would make ramdom calls and speak in peekish accent and when I met new people I would act like I was from the UK. and I stopped as I grew up

I guess you just need to grow up a bit and understand what life is really about lo so yeah no offense

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