Is it true that Cubans don't like white people?

Is it true that Cubans don’t like white people and if they go to cuba they’ll most likely get killed - I heard that from somewhere?

Answer #1

i hope not i have a family member going to cuba :\

Answer #2

Well, you can’t really say that all Cubans don’t like white people, that’s like saying all white people can’t jump. I doubt you’ll get killed if you go to Cuba, if you did the American Embassy would through a fit and there would be warning signs all over the place about not going there. Just because they don’t like white people doesn’t mean that they’re going to kill them either.

Answer #3

That’s just propaganda, most people will be civil to tourists

Answer #4

Someone’s been yanking your chain, Kayla. Lot’s of people from all over the world (except the USA because of the senseless cold-war embargo) visit Cuba all the time. Furthermore, Cuba has one of the lowest rates of violent crimes in all Latin America. The murder rate there is about a tenth of what it is in Jamaica, a popular tourist destination.

Answer #5

I’ve been to Cuba 6 times- I’m still here. Tell whoever told you that, that they’re a f*cking idiot.

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