Black and White

Why do we have to call black people African Americans and yet we dont call white people European Americans ?

Answer #1

It doesn’t sound right. Maybe?

Answer #2

honestly I think its because we have “labeled” people so no one gets offended. It doesnt matter a persons skin color(people are all humans) BUT I have personally found that more “blacks” are prejudiced against whites just for the fact they THINK all whites are that way…not the case! I have had many great “black” friends and even dated “blacks” People are just people! :) How should we refere to people’s nationality in describing someone? You have a great question..I’d like to know too…I dont ever want to offend anyone!

Answer #3

Some are… some aren’t… and some only when its coming from a white person.

Answer #4

I don’t think that african americans are offended by being called “black”.

Answer #5

Its just in America… everywhere else… black people aren’t offended by the term ‘black person’

Answer #6

Why don’t we call white people from Africa African Americans (or do we?)? Yeah, it doesn’t make sense to me either.

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