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Why am I having these deja vu's?

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Ok yesterday I was at my friend Erin's house and me and my friend jackie were sitting in her room. Then jackie said somthing and Erin and she wanted to write it down to remember it and it was like dasha voo cause I knew she wasnt going to find the notebook and after looking through her room she still didnt find it. A few minutes later I remember the dream I had a few nights before of her looking for her notebook and her not finding it. Later we were all on the swing at her house and I was just relaxing and all of a sudden I saw a full skeleton in the clouds. I thought it was just my imagination. But the next day I found out that my uncle was just in a serious accsident but wasnt hurt and then I knew that the skull in the clouds was a sigh. I dont know whats the matter with me but I am really freaked out and I dont what is happening. help please!