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Deja Vu/Precognition?

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Well, I’ve always thought I was a little strange, sometimes my dreams would come true, or I’d have a feeling about something and it always turns out I’m right. By a feeling I mean that voice in your head type of thing. Anyway I just found this new indie band,(really really indie) and when I saw the singer this HUGE I’m mean HUGE wave of deja vu swept over me. This was as strong as its ever been. I felt like Id seen his face a hundred times, and his voice was so familiar, like Id heard it a hundred times. I’ve never had a feeling about anything this strong before. But that wasn’t the worst part, later I like started to see involuntary flashes of him in my memory, not like thinking about someone you cant get off your mind. And he wasn’t playing music it was doing other stuff. Please don’t call me crazy, I swear to you this is true. I just need to know what’s going on.