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Should I go see someone?

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I think I have some pyscholgical issues,or god is medalling with me, Ever since year 7 me and my cousin became great friends,as we were in the same tutor,when we speak on the phone we get intereferance every once in a while,even from different phone's, I used to do this thing [ I can still do it now ] where I would telepathically call people,and get them to respond,and now its disturbing because the guy I like communicates with me when I think about him strongly,I beleive in ghosts because I see them all the time but I dont think that is to do with anything,but I have that sense where you can feel a presence entering,I used to kid around a lot pretending im gods gift,just because I could do these things,and experience deja vu a lot,and isit wierd that I can sense people talking to me on msn, im not exxagerating,but its pretty furked up,and noone understands its quite bleugh, should I go see someone?