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Deja-Vu...Only paradoxical and intense?

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I remember when I have deja-vu very well, and I am quite used to it normally. I have experienced it since I was very young. A few of these events seem to stick in my mind, mostly what it's about when it happens .

A few minutes ago, I was reading my old blogs, and right as I was returning to the homepage, I sank into deja-vu, lasting a few seconds as usual. Only it was surrounding an event chain that I had deja-vu-(ed?) about a year and a half ago, when I originally signed up on a social site. It was exactly the same as the last time and as the time before that. What I can't quite grip correctly is the fact that I can't remember ever being in that exact situation before the one that just happened. This event chain (me returning to the homepage after finishing a blog and re-reading others) happened once, here, just now. So why am I having a seemingly DOUBLE deja-vu about this same event, from years ago? something that (couldn't have) happened exactly the same way as the original(?) sequence that I just experienced?

I was looking at the rose picture right after I clicked home and It hit me as the page loaded. I thought I might have started falling out of my chair from the vivid depth of this double deja-vu. I had never felt one so engaging.