Who thinks prop 19 is going to pass?

Answer #1

I DO (: everyone i know of thats over 18, including my mom and everyone she knows, voted to pass it today. its the logical thing to do, and people who vote no on it are ignorant and obviously don’t know the real facts about marijuana.

Answer #2

:D good answer

Answer #3

I don’t. Although there are a large number of people who would be for this, I believe that the amount of people against it are at a larger number. If I had the chance to vote I’m not sure which way I’d personally go. I see no harm in it when it’s used responsibly and at appropriate times, but I also would never use it myself. So I’m a little apathetic towards it.

Answer #4

Should it pass - absolutely. Will it pass - probley not. While legalizing marijuana has tons of benefits to both the government, taxes, and the community there is still a large quanity of people who refuse to see the facts and the billons of dollars wasted on marijuana issues every year. Also, a majority of the young people who are pro-legalization rarely get off their asses and actually vote.

Answer #5

i think its gonna win. crap im so stupid its 1240am here so i was looking for results then i realized california is 3 hours behind. lmao

Answer #6

it didnt (:

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