Do you think we will be going to war with Iran?

so what do you think do you think we are going to war with iran next or no I kinda think we will be going to war with them once all the troops come home

Answer #1

Who knows…maybe North Korea is next…they have WMD’s at least. In this day and age…anyone with the $$$ could probably gain possession of NUKES if they really wanted them. Time will tell…

Answer #2

I highly doubt it but you never know. Who would have thought we would be in Iraq 8 years ago. But I feel thats why we havn’t withdrawn from Iraq. Because if we did, Iran would march through that place. then we would go to war. with our men in the country right now they won’t mess with us. But I really hope not, that would be a sh*tstorm. Because if we did, I have a feeling north Korea would attack the south again. we got troops there too and they know we are stretched to thin to hold em off again. I believe and Korea has the 3rd largest army in the world. Let the final world war be declared

Answer #3

No, we won’t go to war with Iran. Remember how much rallying the Bush administration did before the invasion of Iraq? How many speeches he gave about WMD’s, about terrorist threats, scaring the nation into believing if we don’t invade Iraq now, future generations will pay? None of that is happening right now with Iran. Bush knows how unpopular the war in Iraq has become, and he knows that if he wanted to bomb Iran, it would require twice the effort he put into making Iraq happen. He would need the support of other countries, and he doesn’t have it, not from the UK, not from Japan, not from regional powers like Pakistan, not from anyone. None of our traditional allies are on board, and neither are the two political parties. Even the war in Iraq required Congressional support, and Bush could not get that right now if his life depended on it. Military leaders have also said any future response by the US would have to be done with aerial or naval forces, because ground forces are spread far too thin for a major operation. And let’s not forget that this time, it has been made clear that Iran does NOT possess the capability to fuel a nuclear warhead.

For all those reasons, I do not believe we will be at war with Iran.

Answer #4

“Iran and Iraq bombed the sh*t out of each other in 1980-1988, Iran lost a million people, I think there a little pissed.”

They were pissed at Hussein, yes. However, if you’ve been reading the news, you’d know the Iraqi and Iranian governments have started a rapprochment that both have said will start a “new chapter” in their relationship. They are on very good terms right now.

Answer #5

Jimahl Iran and Iraq bombed the sh*t out of each other in 1980-1988, Iran lost a million people, I think there a little pissed. think of it like this, if canada invaded us a little over 20 years ago, war went on for 8 years killing a million americans. And then 15 years later Russia wiped out Canadian defenses and withdrew. I guarantee we would be up there for some payback. If we withdraw from Iraq, Iran will attack, and we would have to stop them. Iran wants that oil as much as we do, but we aint going to let em have it.

Answer #6

I think it is unlikely, but there are many in this country who want us to. Inlcuding John McCain. He is ready to bomb bomb bomb… bomb bomb iran.

Piker, you have no way of knowing the Iran would march right through Iraq. They both have shia majorities, so they have a lot in common. But they are also not suicidal, and don’t have any recent history of invading their neighbors.

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