There are sightings of UFOs and ghosts. Why no sightings of god?

Everyday we hear about sightings of UFO that some mysterious lights flashed across the sky and we even hear about sightings of ghosts very frequently. If so, then why there is no news about sightings of god? Does this clearly tell that god doesnt exist? Or, are people much more interested in UFOs and ghosts than to hear about god?

Answer #1

It’s all a matter of what you believe. I personally think God stays in heaven and that the UFOs are completely different types of beings than He is.

Answer #2

Well not everyone choses UFOs over God. But there are some people who find something that is unknown to us fascinating. Yes, God may be unknown to everyone, but people are always preaching about him and teaching us about his kingdom. So in a sense, people already have an overall idea that God is the perfect being, as in we know he’s loving, we know what he wants us to do, and we believe that he is there. And then we have UFOs and aliens. Everything about them is about what everyone wants to believe. We have no overall idea of what an “alien” is, and therefore find it interesting when there are new information about aliens. And realistically, the majority of the proof that aliens/UFOs are real are most likely fake. Again, this is because no one knows what an “alien” is. Thinking about the possibilty of aliens causes people to use their imagination, and many people enjoy this. Same thing applies to ghosts, because no one knows what a ghost is, what they look like, how they act, what they do, what they want. etc. That is why it SEEMS like there are people that seem more interested in UFOs/Ghosts. For those who want to believe it, God exists. And the proof is all around you, God made this world for us.

Answer #3

People do claim to see god…go to a hospital where people just had near death experiences, I’m sure you’ll find someone there that claimed to have seen god.

Answer #4

There was a sighting of an Angel close to where I live. Someone took a pic of it and I seen the pic. It’s really cool.

Answer #5

you cant see god because you dont know what it looks like

most people who say they have seen UFO’s have read or heard about them somewhere…then hallucinated and thought theyd seen one…


Answer #6

People do claim to have seen god, or Jesus, or Mary. etc.

You will find such claims for all popular mythical things.

Answer #7

God is not supposed to have a physical body, so of course there arent sightings of God. There are, however, random sightings of Jesus or Mary in toast and other foods… and heavenly visions, etc… now I’m not on the religious side of this debate, but you really are trying to disprove something that cannot be disproved…

Answer #8

People see these things as they perceive them to be. They see something in the sky or “someone” creep past them so they get excited and claim it to be a UFO or a ghost because that is how ghosts and UFOs are perceived by people. People wouldn’t really perceive god to be a shadow they see or some moving light in the sky.

Also, if god does exist, maybe god doesn’t want to flaunt it’s existence to us

Answer #9

Faith is the evidence of things unseen. G-d can not show himself to us, if he did we would die.

Answer #10

thats true but dont we see signs from god. maybe you dont but I see lots of signs from god

Answer #11

People do claim to have seen god, or Jesus, or Mary. etc.

You will find such claims for all popular mythical things.

Key word mythical, Root word Myth: meaning any invented story, idea, or concept: His account of the event is pure myth. False

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