Do you believe in ufo's?

I’ve seen lights before, but I try not to jump into conclusion, but I do like to think that theres more then just humans in this infinite space.

Answer #1

I do not believe in ufo’s. I have a theroy of what those strange lights could be. I have saw those lights before too and I think that they are lights from some kind of airplane. Airplanes can have strange lights on them to help people at the airport know that they are landing. This is my theroy.

I hope that this helped.

Answer #2

The universe is wayyy too big to ony have only living things on earth I belive in UFOs I believe I’ve seen them before No one else beleives me BUT I know what I saw

Answer #3

Hello! When I was 11 and I was sleeping over my friends house who is also 11.We were out in her front garden,just me and her know one else…Then suddenly we heard a wearid sond hard to explain what it was at the time.I said ‘’What on earth was that’’! and she said ‘’I don’t…then a ufo flew right over us.Oh my god they are huge.It looks meatle and it has lights around the side of it.We both ran in and when we looked through the glass door it was gone.If you don’t belive me,fine!But I saw that thing with my own eye.That was about 3 years ago and I still rember that werid thing flying over us…

Answer #4

there have been many reports and many cases. far too many stories and small proof. the point is that there are things in this world we might never know. but supposedly some people believe that it was because of ufo’s that we came to be on earth. supposedly they came in the beginning and made a few experiments. creating us humans in the process. I don’t know. it was something I saw on youtube a while ago. it was documentary.

Answer #5

Yeah,when I see strange lights…I always jump to the coclusion of it being associated with ufos…

But yeah I wouldnt say I believe in ufos considering theres so many fraud related documentaries and conspiracy based stories I’ve heard or read that overall…seems to trigger our paranoia

But considering how big our universe is and the fact that there heaps of other universes out there…then yeah why not…I would say there is a possibility that there would be life on the planets within the other universes…And unless someone can prove me otherwise then I’ll continue to have a open,yet sane,mind toward all views…

Answer #6

I do believe you guys, I like all this UFO phenomenon. I think they will make contact with us some day.

Answer #7

I’ve seen some realy strange lights but I just dont think that the were ufo’s

Answer #8

I won’t believe in them until I see one with my own eyes

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