Is God An Alien?

Do you think that God is just a very advanced being that people mistook for a supreme bing and started calling it god?

Answer #1

Nope, not an Alien - ‘King of Kings’ !

Answer #2

I have never read anything in the bible about aliens :)

Erhm I guess it depends on what you class as alien or god for that matter. They both have a variety of different meanings to different people. If by God you mean a creater and by alien you mean being from another world, I guess some could consider him an alien yeah.

I don’t personally believe in God so no not really.

Answer #3

You don’t need to read anything in the bible about aliens.

The definition of an alien is a person or being that is not native to that location or area.

Use your brain and look for the clues.

For example:

The ark of the covenant was made of gold, gold is a conductor of electricity. The ark of the covenant could have been a large capacitor or just a device with which large amounts of electricity that passed through it. It is more likely that this is the case than it being some holy devine object with mysterious powers.

Think about things in the bible realistically and not as some fantasy with magical like abilities like most people think or want to think. It’s like believing in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny which are not real.

I believe its wrong for parents to teach their children about things such as the easter bunny and santa claus being actual real life beings when that is definitely not the case. They are make believe characters to entertain children only.

Everything in this universe has a logical explanation for it.

The higher and more advanced a being or entity is the closer it resembles magic like qualities.

Answer #4

like courtneyninja4life has said, everyone has their own oppinions and beliefs… for me, I believe in a God, but I don’t say he’s an alien… I say he’s more of a spirit, and I say, once the world has ended… we’ll know if he’s true or not!

Answer #5

No God isnt any alien… but I bet Buddah was…


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Answer #7

And how would you know he’s not an alien? Because the bible say so?

Answer #8

God is a flying spaghetti monster.

Answer #9

I think gods a figment of your imagination

Answer #10

people have their own opionions and beliefs. we will never know I guess.

Answer #11

God is definately not an allien

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