Aliens and ufo's

Hi just thinking! Do you believe in aliens or ufo’s , if so why? If not why not?

Answer #1

yes, the universe didn’t just create over trillions of planets only to put life on a tiny little on in the middle of nowhere there is life almost everywhere its just not the kind of life that most people could imagine

Answer #2

Hard to at all,last year I spent half my computer time looking for some and watching the news up close about space,I haven’t seen any proof of Alien existence.I did when I was younger course my brother used it against me when I made him mad.

Answer #3

I believe in Aliens.

Think about it…with the expanse of universes upon universes out there in space, do you honestly think we are the ONLY planet with life on it? Highly unlikely.

Answer #4

ohh I think dey exist. but dey aree veryy smart, because dey aree super carefull about humans not discovering them!! but I think der has been some discovered, and people have seen lots of UFO’S!!

Answer #5

Not really, but who knows.

Answer #6

yea, dersz a lot of evidence on it =]

Answer #7

aliens exist, they totally do! :) x

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