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Paranormal Services Perth work on the rules of science and especially physics. There are several devices that act as ghost detectors. For example, an electromagnetic field detector.

About South Lake Investigators of the Paranormal Services in Perth

Who we are

Welcome to SLIPS - South Lake Investigators of the Paranormal Services in Perth! We are a team of experienced and dedicated paranormal investigators who are passionate about uncovering the mysteries of the supernatural. Our team consists of seasoned experts in the field, each with a unique set of skills and knowledge to ensure that we provide the best possible service to our clients. With years of experience under our belts, we have successfully investigated countless paranormal phenomena and helped many clients find peace of mind.

What we Do

At SLIPS, we offer a wide range of services aimed at helping our clients understand and navigate the world of the paranormal. From ghost sightings to unexplained phenomena, our team is equipped to handle any situation with professionalism and care. We conduct thorough investigations using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to gather evidence and provide our clients with answers to their questions. Whether you’re experiencing strange occurrences in your home or workplace, we are here to help you find the truth.

Why you should use us

Choosing SLIPS for your paranormal investigation needs means choosing a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing you with the best possible service. Our team has a proven track record of success in uncovering the truth behind paranormal phenomena, and we approach every case with an open mind and a commitment to finding answers. We understand that dealing with the supernatural can be a daunting experience, which is why we prioritize clear communication, transparency, and empathy in all our interactions with clients. When you choose SLIPS, you can trust that you are in good hands.

What can you ask?

  • How do you conduct your paranormal investigations?
  • What kind of equipment do you use during investigations?
  • Can you provide references from previous clients?
  • What is your approach to debunking potential paranormal activity?
  • Do you offer follow-up services after the investigation is complete?

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