does tanning beds hurt?

because i asked my mom if i can go into one. but first im gonna do a spray tan. but when i turn 14 i am gonna go in a tanning bed.. because at our tanning salon that is the age we can go. so does tanning beds sting or hurt?

Answer #1

No they dont physically hurt, you will get hot though but most have fans.

Answer #2

They dont hurt in the short term and dont cause pain (unless you stay in too long), however they do hurt in the long run since they cause skin cancer. Getting a spray tan is way healthier and doesnt cause leather skin, wrinkles, and skin cancer.

Answer #3

They are actually quite relaxing! I own one! Just dont lay 2 long or you will most likely burn ur buns!

Answer #4

Not at all, you just lay there and relax.

Answer #5

It isn’t sore lying on them, unless you burn. But they do cause more damage than the actual sun and often people get damaged eyes from them. The reason for this is because of the very concentrated ultraviolet light. It’s better to get a fake tan or other than that stay pale. Pale is and can be extremely beautiful.

Answer #6

yea i was thinking about getting a spray tan.. now that i am younger and maybe when i get older i will go to the tanning beds but not as much. bcuz i dont want skin cancer

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