what would happen if you used tanning bed lotion outside in the sun?

Just wondering, if you used tanning lotion (lotion you put on before you go tanning in a tanning bed)

if you used it out in the sun, like just laid outside for thirty minutes.. what would happen?

Answer #1

You would probably get a slight tan. I’ve used tanning lotion before outside and it gave me a nice, healthy looking glow. It probably depends on the type of lotion and how much you use, but when I used lotion outside, it had a bit of sunscreen in it so I wouldn’t burn up and I also put it all over in one layer. And it turned out pretty nice for me.

Answer #2

Some products are great for indoor tanning but not good for outdoor tanning, and the tanning lotion should not be confused with one another. Indoor tanning lotions are made specifically for indoor tanning beds. Indoor tanning beds do not contain the more dangerous UVC rays that the sun produces. Sunscreen normally used for outdoor tanning blocks out UVC rays. Indoor tanning lotions may not contain the same protection and should not be used outdoors.

Answer #3

You will get cancer and die.

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