What is the best tanning bed lotion?

Like what is the best one, name please?

Answer #1

SPF 55 (or higher) :D

Answer #2

NO! tanning bed lotion. not suntan lotion. i dont use suntan lotion.

Answer #3

Yes, but you asked what the best tanning bed lotion is. Besides not using the tanning bed at all, the only reasonable answer is sunscreen. Sunscreen is a lotion and it can be used in a tanning bed. :/ Also, suntan lotion is what you are looking for… My answer to that would be, “none.” Because you shouldn’t do that to your skin. Sorry for not answering the way you want me to, but skin cancer is not something to mess around with. :( Hopefully somebody else can give you the answer that you want.

Answer #4

tanning bed lotion does not contain sunscreen. sooo technically you did not answer my question. and i dont really care what u think about tanning bed. i can do what i want. thanks very much. and who uses sunscreen anymore? hahah def not teenagers.

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