How do I know what tanning bed lotion to buy?

I want to start using tanning beds, And i need tanning bed lotion but i have no idea which to buy! I don’t want to go real dark but i don’t want to stay pale.. I just want a healthy looking tan. How do i know which tanning lotion to buy? Lotion that will protect my skin and help me get a tan :/

Answer #1

Why don’t you ask at the tanning salon? They would know what’s best.

Answer #2

I would but i’m not going to tanning beds at a salon, My aunt has a tanning bed it’s not as strong as salon beds but it’s free xD But she uses dark lotion she likes to be super dark, So she can’t really help :/

Answer #3

You don’t need to go there to ask … pick up the phone.

Answer #4

you shouldn’t be going tanning at a salon, real real dangerous!

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