What tanning bed lotion works the best?

What brand? or actual name? I have used jwoww the new lotion obvi by jwoww and i wanted to try a new lotion. what kind of lotion works the best? I want a greatt dark look before prom. which one gives the fastest way and the darkest color, without looking orange. and DO NOT SAY SPF 55. i mean legit tanning bed lotion.

Answer #1

Avene is really good.


Answer #2

not self tanning! tanning bed lotion.

Answer #3

like legit tanning bed lotion. meant for tanning beds.

Answer #4

If your thinking about using it in the tanning bed you should stop and think about your skin. You may want to consider Angelee27’s self tanning lotion because in a few years or so your skin is going to be so damaged and dried out. Sooo yeah think about that before you hit the beds.

Answer #5

nahhh. thanks for the advice but i love going tanning. and self tanning looks soo gross and fakee…. just saying. ive hit the beds for almost 2 years now.

Answer #6

That is like uber bad for your skin…when your 40 and have the skin of a 70 year old youll wish you did fake tans… and if you use Jergens Natural Glow like me no one knows…..

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